Horizon Car Rental N.V. hereinafter called the "Lessor". "Lessor" hereby
rents to a person (s) or any legal entity (s).The name ·and signature of such
appears on the front of this agreement. The person (s) or legal entity (s).
hereinafter called The "Lessee". The "lessee" is subject to all the terms and
conditions of this agreement.
Lessee acknowledges the terms and conditions of this agreement and
agrees to:
The vehicle will be returned to our office in the same condition as it was
given to the 'Lessee" the following items will be checked for missing tools,
gas cap, damaged rims, tires, burned seats, lost or damaged .keys, baby
seats ·etc. The "Lessee· will be fully responsible for any or all of the missing
items and is liable to pay "Lessor" for the lost items. The vehicles must be
returned with the same amount of gasoline or pay $15.00 per 1/8 tank of
gasoline, extra gasoline is none refundable, (we advise you to, stop at the
nearest fuel station and refuel) mileages are unlimited and free of charge.
Rates do not include fuel, taxes or any other governmental imposed rental
surcharges. The weekly rate will he calculated at six (6x) the daily rate, for
rental of 1to 3 days with an extension of more days the daily rate will apply.
"Lessee· is given one extra hour from the time of rental after such time
Lessee would be charged an hourly rate for each extra hour (US$10.00).
No Show/Cancellation:
Reservations are valid and honored up to two hours after the requested pick
uptime.If the vehicle is not picked,i.Jp within two hours of the requested pick
up time the reservation status will be changed to a NO SHOW and a charge
will be applied. Customers should contact us if there is need to change the
pickup time requested to avoid any problems or hassle. Any cancellation
should be done five (5) days prior to reservation date. Failure to do so will
result in rental charge applied.
Once a customer leaves our facility .they should contact us if the return
date or time needs to be changed. Only the renter is allowed to extend an
open contraCt. Additional funds must be available on credit card to cover the
rental period. In the event funds are not available or a payment cannot be
made your request for extension will be denied and the rental vehicle must
be returned on the original return date and time.
The following credit cards are accepted for deposit and payments:
Visa, Master card.
Operations of your rental company "Horizon Car Rental N.V."
rented vehicle
a) "Lessee" is not permitted by law to transport more passengers at
any given time than is, legally permitted by law.
b) Small and compact cars 4 persons, mid size cars 5 persons, space
wagon or similar vehicles 6-7 persons, jeeps 4-5 persons.
Overloading of the vehicle bears a penalty equivalent to your deductible or
US$1,000. "Lessee" shall notengage inany drag race nor operate the rented
vehicle under the influence of alcohol,. drugs or any other toxic substance.
The rented vehicle must not be operated illegally nor by unauthorized
driver(s) operator(s) I spouses and co-workers accompanying the renter
will be permitted, as additional driver(s) I operator (s). The legal driver(s)
I operator(s) name will appear on, the front of this agreement. The legal
minimum age to operate a rental vehicle is 21 aild the driver(s)/ operator(s)
must be in possession of a valid driver's license from his/her country,
"Lessee" expressly acknowledges all personal liabilities:
a) Parking tickets and other traffic violation caused through negligence
b) Such. violation bea.a fine stipulated by law and the "Lessee"
must settle all (fines, fees, charges) and other obligations related
to the'operation, use or parking of the rental vehicle before his/her

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