departure from the island. Should the "Lessor" receive an infraction
charge that applied to a vehicle rented under this rental contract.
"Lessor" will recover the cost of the charge plus a service/processing
fee not exceeding $100.00 per charge from the "Lessee".
c) "Lessee" is obligated to pay all government taxes, surcharges and
fees imposed by law.
d) C.D.W., theft, vandalism, arson, liability and personal accident
insurances are the responsibilities of the "Lessee".
All cost incurred by "Lessor" on behalf of "Lessee" will carry an interest of
1.5% per month.
"Lessee" directs "Lessor" to bill charges hereunder to any person
organizations shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of all such
charges. "Lessee" is liable to "Lessor" for the reimbursement of any other
additional cost incurred by "Lessee" during the period the rented vehicle in
his/her possession.
"Lessor" cost to "lessee" including reasonable attorney fees, repairs and any
other cost in collecting payments due under the terms of this agreement.
Theft insurance, "Lessee" is liable to pay "Lessor" a deductible of 50% value
of the vehicle, apolies only if the vehicle key is returned. If the key is not
returned you will be fully responsible.
Personal accident insurance, $5.00 daily covers up to US$1,500 medical
expenses if accepted.
"Lessee" is liable to pay "Lessor" a deductible of US$800.00 at a daily rate
of US$ 12.00 C.D. W Insurance
"Lessee" is liable to pay "Lessor" a deductible of US$1,000.00 at a daily rate
of US$ 10.00 C.D.W Insurance
"Lessee" is liable to pay "Lessor" a deductible of US$1,500.00 at a daily
rate of US$10.00. Vandalism Insurance. "Lessee" is liable to pay "Lessor"
a deductible of 75% value of the vehicle at daily rate of US$8.00 arson
Insurance."Lessee" is liable and fully responsible for all damages caused to
his/her rented vehicle by declining C.D.W., theft, vandalism, arson, liability,
personal accident insurance,stolen or lost parts,broken antennas, glasses ,
interior damages and any act of god. "Lessee' will incur a charge for the
entire electronic locking system, if the lost key is not found in 24 hours.
"Lessee" is also responsible for public liability unless insurance coverage
was taken on the reverse side subject to normal legal limitations and the
deductible 50% of any public liability claim arising and decided in favour of
claimanUclaimants. "Lessee" is obligated to report any and all occurrences
pertinent to the vehicle such as accident, stolen vehicle(theft), vandalism,
arson, towing of vehicle, lost or stolen keys, gas cap and all damages to
the "Lessor". Do not leave your"bags or any valuable items in the vehi cle. If
your rented car returned with excessive sand. animal hair. dirty interior etc.
a charge will apply US$100.00.
Dutch Police tel: (721) 542-2222 or 545-5500, the Gendarmes "French
Police" tel: 011590-590-87-8833 or 87-1976, for emergency call 911 or 111.
Notwithstanding, any of the provisions in this contract; "Lessee" is liable
and fully responsible for any and all damages to the rented vehicle caused
by negligence or driving over the legal speed limits, leaving the keys in the
unattended vehicle, leaving the vehicle unlocked, driving while under the
influence of alcohol or qrugs. The "Lessee" or any authorized, unauthorized
driver (s) I operator (s) shall prove that the rented vehicle is operated in
accordance with the provisions ofthis agreement.
The "Lessor" reserve the right to repossess the vehicle at all times if the
terms and conditions of this agreement is not adhered to, .a repossession
charge equivalent to one day's rental is payable to "Lessor", "Lessee" hereby
indemnifies, releases and hold "Lessor" harmless and its employees for lost
or damage to property left stored or transported in the vehicle be "Lessee"
or any person (s) before, during and after the return of the vehicle. "Lessee"
shall further more defend and indemnify "Lessor" against all claims based
upon arising out of such losses or damages.



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